Breathing World

Steamvale Session 3: Beware the Poolstalkers

Mog (primordial ape) [Michael], Scant Halftail (ratling) [Simon], and Morgan (Sylari) [Iris]

Morgan, a Sylari with more temperate forest clime foliage (as a plant person) traveled to Steamvale pursuing rumors of Sylari-like plant people who were focused more on aquatic plant life.

Pleas of the Immortal Dreamers

As Morgan took in the sights and sounds of Le Frond’s chaotic throne room overseeing the Tuggernuts Syndicate, Dame Candelabra arrived leading a delegation from the Immortal Dreamer village in Seadweller Cove. Apparently the fishing village was a nursery community for the Immortal Dreamers Below, who would venture onto land to breed with humans who raised the hybrids until those who morphed into Immortal Dreamers could return home. In exchange the community was supplied with fantastic fishing and gifts of white gold.

The Immortal Dreamers and their interbreeding offended the senses of the Seabloods (more elemental and human hybrids) who rule Steamvale, so they are exiles who are forbidden to escalate their engagement with the Immortal Dreamers Below on pain of annihilation, but also are not likely to receive any help from the Seablood rulers.

Now a brutal tribe of barbarian elves dressed in heron regalia and armed with spears have taken up residence in the Thrush Wastes at the edge of Seadweller Cove, and as they settle in they have been killing villagers who stray out of the village into territory the elves claimed.

Lacking warriors, forbidden to ask the Immortal Dreamers Below for help, shunned by the ruling Seabloods, the villagers were desperate and they offered a massive load of white gold to Le Frond in exchange for protection from the Pool Stalkers.

Le Frond agreed to send help in the form of Scant and Mog, who in turn agreed to allow some others to come along; Morgan, who heard rumors that the Thrush Wastes might have leads to find aquatic plant people, and Jimmy Scrambles, a scrappy duelist.

Wasted Elves

The Tuggernuts traveled out to the cove with the villagers, but didn’t care to spend much time in the fish-crusted town. After a short night of studiously ignoring the locals, they headed out to the Thrush Wastes.

They discovered a border marker with skulls, warning against intrusion. Morgan scouted the area, moving between copses of twisted salt-water twisted trees. She saw the makeshift village where the Poolstalker Elves set up base.

Encountering a scout, they discovered that Scant’s fluency in the fey language was a way to communicate; so far the elves had not been able to penetrate the language barrier with the locals. The conversation was civil but strained, aware of concealed elves in position to strike, and the elves wary of the danger posed by intruders.


The elves follow their leader, Lady Cascade, and they used to live in the ruins of the Port of Pilings, a formal penal colony for the Emberflesh, on the shores of Mount Cragface on the Isle of Bits 120 miles north. They were driven out by the Birdsnatcher, a cave hag, and her goblin army. They were not sure why she abandoned her caves on the slopes of Mount Cragface, but when she claimed the ruined port the elves retreated rather than risk destruction.

The elves were not keen to share their hunting ground with the pasty-faced villagers, who they did not see as a threat. Scant suggested the elves discuss the possibility of relocation; there was plenty of coastal space in the Thrush Waste that was not next to this cove.

The elves withdrew to discuss, and the Tuggernuts returned to the cove to update the villagers. The next day the elves met the Tuggernuts and agreed to move in exchange for local information on good fishing grounds and more elbow space between neighbors. The Tuggernuts handled the introductions with the villagers, then considered the task complete and returned to Steamvale.

Requested Proposals for This Session. (We forgot to do this)

Usual Proposals. Combat (no), Missions (yes), Tourism (yes)

Occasional Proposals. Faction Politics (somewhat)


Baron Shallows Revenge

  • Shokoro ambush with primordial undead

Menace on the crystal flows

  • Mace of Geldurk restrained, but it freed skittering things

Who’s Who of Steamvale, Tuggernuts Edition

  • Warspire, shrine to Geldurk, Bloodmoon the dracotaur high priest, elven assistant, marines hang out there.
  • Welcher’s Quay, run by Commodore Machin and his seablood family, with fog
  • Dame Candelabra of the the Immortal Dreamers of Seadweller Cove
  • Lady Cascade of the Poolstalkers of Thrush Wastes


  • Ratkin translating a fey conversation with the elves.
  • Scouting and sneaking as a tree person.
  • Finding a bloodless solution to the conflict.



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