Breathing World

Steamvale Session 4: Snakeskinned

Mog (primordial ape) [Michael], Scant Halftail (ratling) [Simon], Morgan (sylari) [Iris], and Calloway (kiskov) [Shaun]

Monsoon season, and the Festival of Bumbershoots, with the bat nests hung all around the Tuggernuts fort to keep the bugs down. Drunken bats dipped in ink, prostitutes dancing with bumbershoots, celebration of the city founders (kung fu monk bumbershoot combat artists) while the rain pours outside.


Le Frond sent the two-oh (instead of duo) of Scant and Mog to assassinate Lisssssandra, a yuan-ti noblewoman, ideally making it look like an accident (like one of her pets ate her, if possible.) If they succeeded, they would be promoted to the new Alcovites (the scary elite agent of the court that gets to stand in the alcove by the throne.) They got the mission from Ron Brohammer, the axe warrior who was the new Tuggernuts majordomo. Morgan and Calloway agreed to help out for hefty payments.

Asking around, they found out LIsssssssandra and her people were up in the Kilnacombs, catacombs under the ruin of the Emberflesh fort, where the Emberflesh built in kiln-like heaters to dry out the area to contain Seabloods and keep them from being most enough to be dangerous.

Concerned about poisons, they visited the Flava Brothers, kiskovs who run a poison and potion shop, acquiring some general-purpose antidote. Also visited one of Mog’s people, who remembers a story of a primordial who hid in there because he knew that the stone-shaping wizard Darnell Lion, a Khuselbite, monitors the maze and its shifting walls using little stone eyeball critters.

The Hit

They avoided the rickshaw rides to the fort, sneaking around the back and climbing up by the waterfall dumping the monsoon runoff down the cliff. Together, the mighty kiskov and primordial tore a grating out of the way, and they went into the underground, seeing the traces of where some monster once lived down here and had victims dumped down a hole to be devoured.

They broke into the Kilnacombs from there, breaking eye spies as they encountered them, eventually following Scant’s nose to a secret vent above the chamber where Lisssssanda lounged having swallowed her consort for digestion. Crashing down through the grating, Mog crushed their target, and the others followed. Arrows, rat-stabbings, and kiskov poundings knocked down the elite guards and tough yuan-ti, then they opened the doors to where one of the big snake turtle pets was kept, and it gleefully began eating the bodies as they withdrew. Morgan helped grow roots out of the hillside to pull the grating back into place as they left.


Back at the Tuggernuts fortress, a huge party celebrated “Mogg’s birthday” because they wouldn’t admit celebrating an assassination, and the two-oh became the Alcovites. Scant got a magical hood that allows him to magically disguise himself. Mog was given the cosmic gift of the ability to detect evil.

Requested Proposals for This Session. See more Guilds (yes), Meet Le Frond (yes), Find a sea plant person (no)

Usual Proposals. Combat (yes), Missions (yes), Tourism (yes)

Occasional Proposals. Faction Politics (yes)


Baron Shallows Revenge

  • Shokoro ambush with primordial undead

Menace on the crystal flows

  • Mace of Geldurk restrained, but it freed skittering things

Who’s Who of Steamvale, Tuggernuts Edition

  • Warspire, shrine to Geldurk, Bloodmoon the dracotaur high priest, elven assistant, marines hang out there.
  • Welcher’s Quay, run by Commodore Machin and his seablood family, with fog
  • Dame Candelabra of the the Immortal Dreamers of Seadweller Cove
  • Lady Cascade of the Poolstalkers of Thrush Wastes
  • Darnell Lion, wizard who runs the Kilnacombs
  • Yuan-Ti
  • Flava Brothers, Kiskov shop for poisons, venoms, and solutions


  • Jumping through a grate to kill a snake woman, like Assassin’s Creed
  • Getting a magical hood of disguise
  • Using contacts (and revisiting the Warspike)
  • The concept and exploration of the Kilnacombs
  • Shaping wood and sniping



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