Learned to play the impythri to better support his hero.


Although young by the standards of most other races at 16 Tibbers is well into adulthood as a Goblin. None would call him smart and less still would call him courageous, but no one can deny that he has a nack for survival.

Being unnaturally useless at mundane goblin chores such as mud collecting and rat catching Tibbers was quickly removed from his brood by a disaproving grandmother. Now, the underdark is no place for a goblin that can’t goblin properly, however by some miracle of the gods Tibbers eventually stumbled out into day light where he immediately was picked on by all the larger races.

He survived on odd jobs such as garbage “remover” – dinner is dinner – and rat catcher, because even the worst goblin is as good as any cat… as long as you dont ask another goblin. Wandering from town to town he eventually found himself being propositioned by a wizzard to help in the finding of some magical thing or something. Five gold was the offering and by the gods was it an offering! Tibbers had never seen so much coin and could hardly refuse… untill he herd the plan.

To make a long story short Tibbers was bait or a meat shield or dead, none mutually exclusive. However, in a particular stroke of genius he noticed that there were a number of rather large members in this expedition whos backs looked rather strong and safe. One of which looked much larger than the others and even had a flower on his hat, so he had to be nice!

So through a mutual pact of the large man being unable to remove Tibbers and Tibbers being unwilling to get down The pair forged a unique duo. Quickly becomming a weapons caddy and general promoter of Timothy (as he came to know the large mans name) Tibbers finally found his calling in life… hero worship! or bard in laymen’s terms.

Now equipped with a new reason to live Tibbers ventures out into the world – on Timothy’s back of course – to see what stories he can spin, what dangers he can scribe, and most importantly what names he can immortalize.


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